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Store inventory is often categorized as one of those "necessary evils". It is disruptive, it is costly, it is boring, it is inconvenient - but it is necessary. With many years of experience we know how critical supporting your inventory process is to your business. 

While we are firm believers that Self-Scan is simple, reliable and efficient, we also know that any such mission critical application must work - work right, and work the first time.  

The Datascan approach is to provide clients access to a support team that will provide the continuity needed to ensure the inventory process is carried out efficiently and with minimal disruption to client IT and Operations teams from Planning, through Execution to Review.

                              Care when you need it 

Datascan's premium Client Care Program is designed to provide clients with year round access to inventory planning, process consultation and technical support as needed. The program allocates clients a dedicated Account Manager who acts as the focal point for all interactions with Datascan during an inventory cycle.

Primary functions of the Account Manager are to:  
  • Be the focal point of all activity between Datascan and a client
  • Establish clear lines of communication between relevant client support teams and Datascan groups
  • Provide periodic inventory process reviews 
  • Collaborate and proactively plan with client support teams for each inventory cycle
  • Establish detailed store level requirements for training, process definition and inventory materials 
  • Provide remote support during inventory counts
  • Participate in post count process reviews 

                               Help when you need it

In addition to a dedicated Account Manager, Datascan's Global Client Support Center is staffed by certified professionals who have extensive experience of inventory Self-Scan processes and Datascan's solution suite, and are intimately familiar with each client's unique practices and inventory requirements. They are your gateway to technical support, training assistance, process issue resolution and more.

The Global Client Support Center provides:
  • Toll free call center staffed in Datascan's head office in Dallas TX
  • Proactive outbound calls to assist with equipment set-up and training at each store location
  • Priority telephone queuing
  • 30 second call answering
  • Email query capability and resolution
  • Online chat 
  • 24x7 support worldwide
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Weekend and holiday coverage
  • Dedicated technical support

Global Client Support Center
Phone: +866 420 6949

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