Personalized Approach

We know - One size does not fit all!

We understand that no two retailers are exactly the same. That is why Datascan's complete solution portfolio is designed to be personalized to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

Configuration and personalization at every stage of the process:
  • Individual planning and Inventory set-up process reviews
  • Training materials designed specifically for your team
  • Fully configurable scanner software to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of the count
  • Personalized process capability for audit, variance resolution and balancing quantity counts
  • Personalized checklist options for store count closing procedures
  • Configurable web-consoles to give store managers and corporate teams real-time access to the reports they need
  • A current choice of over 1,000 report design configurations for post count review and analysis
  • Support programs designed to address your specific requirements for the cleanest count possible 

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