How It Works

Self-Scan - Simple, easy and efficient!

With Self-scan, you utilize your most trusted asset - your people - in the inventory process. As a result you realize significantly greater accuracy, more control and less investment in time  - all contributing to real cost savings.

Your staff has a vested interest in accuracy and knows your product and merchandising standards better than any outside third party service. Since the store is their responsibility they also have a stake in keeping the space clean and organized during and after the inventory.

Self-scan Inventory process

Our typical client engagement is made up of three distinct phases: 

Pre-Inventory Planning
  • Datascan assigns account managers to each client to plan inventories up to a year in advance
  • Datascan account managers work with clients to determine inventory best practices and identify necessary changes to gain maximum efficiency and count accuracy
  • Clients' corporate staff interact with Datascan to plan scheduling of counts, process changes and scanner requirements 
  • Software configuration, reporting requirements and change requests are discussed, tested and implemented 
  • Training materials are reviewed and updated as necessary

Inventory Execution
  • Datascan prepares individual store shipments of equipment, fixture tags and training materials for shipment in advance of the count date
  • Datascan's Support Desk contacts each store to assist with equipment set-up, testing and answer any initial questions
  • Store fixture maps are prepared and fixture tags applied by store staff
  • A quick 20 minute Training Session is scheduled for the count team, scanners are allocated to count personnel and the count begins
  • Real-time progress in all stores can be monitored by store managers, field and corporate staff
  • Real-time variance reporting drives re-counts and reduces reconciliation time
  • Datascan's 24/7 Client Support Center is available to resolve any issues and provide troubleshooting assistance
  • Store managers close the count utilizing pre-defined procedures and controls
  • Comprehensive reporting of variances, audits and count results are available immediately after close
  • Stores pack and return equipment to Datascan using the same shipping containers and Datascan's pre-printed shipping labels  

Post-Inventory Review
  • Datascan provides productivity and accuracy analysis
  • Datascan reviews incoming calls to the Datascan Client Support Center with clients to identify trends and potential areas for process improvement 


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