January 2013 Customer survey results
100% of Datascan Clients said they would recommend Datascan to other Retailers!

Read their latest comments below.

"Datascan is phenomenal. Our partnership with them is a win-win situation, and it just gets better. They’ve saved our company $150,000. We’ve learned so much from them. Their business model is the best. We came from using a third-party provider, and we had so many issues and challenges."

"They are an awesome team. Anything we need, they’re there. Customer service is number one overall and what got us as a client. I have no complaints whatsoever."
"One of the big things I love is their quick turnaround time with just about everything I ask for. I’ll ask for something that day and have it in operation in stores that night. The system they’ve tailor-fit for us has been amazing – customized to a point where they really meet our needs." 

"We place a lot of demands on Datascan. They have always bent over backwards to help us, and were never afraid to suggest things that they thought would help us, even if we did not adopt them (at first). I have learned that they are the ones with the best experience sometimes, and I always value their input. I hope I get to work with them for a long time to come."
"Datascan genuinely cares about their clients and meeting their needs. They have never come across with what I would refer to as a sales pitch. When another service contacted me, it was more about the sales pitch and gaining business and less about making me feel like they cared about my situation. Datascan has never felt like a sales pitch – they feel like a business partner."
"We continue to use Datascan because of the excellent customer service, and the personal touch and handholding that they provide when we need it – not to mention the late night programming changes without complaint!"
"Great customer service, competitive pricing, availability of employees for assistance anytime, day or night, and above all, consistency and reliability – and the ability to adapt to our changing system in a timely manner, expertly, and with a smile."
"I’ve always had a great experience working with their IT group. I’ve never heard them say ‘no’ to a request."

"Customer-friendly and Customer-service oriented; very accommodating, responsive and knowledgeable." 

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