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Founded in 1970 by H.E. Billings, Datascan quickly became the nation's largest inventory counting service. 

For the past 40 years Datascan has been the leader in the Retail inventory processing industry. As the company grew, it was the first to introduce self scanned inventories as the market looked to move away from manual inventory.

Consistently a pioneer in the industry, Datascan develops innovative solutions that advance the use and value of technology in the retail inventory process.

Currently the company collects and analyzes inventory data using the industry's most sophisticated web based solutions, underpinned by the world's largest fleet of scanners, deployed on behalf of clients with stores in over 35 countries. 

The Datascan philosophy has always been to develop strong partnerships with its' clients. This collaborative, client focused approach, has resulted in the opportunity to serve many of the largest, best-known retailers in the world, providing them the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective inventory data solutions available.
In December 2010, the company was acquired by Chartwell Investments. The company has benefitted from the strength, experience and stability this relationship has brought, enabling it to focus on its next generation of solution development. 

Datascan today is a passionate, dynamic company staffed by people who are rooted in a culture of innovation, solution performance and client satisfaction.

                          Reliable  -  Responsive  -  Personalized    

Three words that have defined Datascan to our clients over the years. As technology continues to advance, and retailers look to maximize the effective use of this technology in their stores, Datascan's commitment to these three words remains consistent. 

We are confident - and history has proven - that after you experience the simplicity of Self-Scan Inventory Data Solutions with Datascan, you won't go back.   

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