Our Solution
Fit for Purpose Scanner

Datascan has the only Fit-for-Purpose Self-Scanning device designed specifically for use by retailers!

With over 20 years of experience helping retailers conduct Self-Scan counts we’ve developed the best tools available – the DS1000 and DART handhelds. 

  • Ergonomic design
    • Designed to maximize stress free scan speed productivity and ease of use 
  • Wireless data transmission
    • Local 3G or store Wi-Fi connectivity options 
    • Additional upload methods and backup solutions 
  • Simplified hardware and software interface intuitive for store staff
  • Full color and touch screen option
  • Android operating systems with mobile Applications portable to iOS and Windows Mobile
  • Less than 2 minutes of training required on the scanner
    • Ready to scan right out of the box 
    • Play training videos on the handheld 
  • Best in class laser (1D capture) and omnidirectional imager (2D capture) options.
  • Weighs only 9.4 ounces – increasing productivity and reducing fatigue
  • Optimized power management system providing up to 24 hours of in-use scanning time
  • Digital camera options that allows high resolution image capture for audit purposes
  • Maximized processor speed for responsiveness and higher performance
    • UPC lookup instantaneous even when using an 15M record Item Master file
  • Entirely customizable to meet the ever evolving challenges of physical inventory
  • Stores item master file and inventory count data permanently
  • Dual triggers allow for varied scanning approach and enhanced productivity
  • Earphone jack to allow accurate scanning in tight or loud locations
  • Three design patents issued to-date: US D612858, US D612854, US D612290
Our desire to provide the ideal way to perform physical inventory led to the development of our custom Fit-for-Purpose scanner solution. No longer are you limited by generic equipment designed to ‘work’ for ‘everyone’. Fit-for-Purpose is the smart choice. 

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