Our Solution
Datascan's Inventory Software is flexible and robust enough to handle anything your stores can throw at it!

It is an efficient and cost-effective enterprise solution that enables retailers to perform Self-Scan physical inventories and provide store managers and corporate users with real-time access to inventory status and post count inventory data.

Datascan's Solution-as-a-Service model supports automated real-time uploads and can significantly reduce the time to perform physical inventories - all from a web-based application.

Retailers with multiple locations can have access to physical inventory count status and data for analysis and reporting purposes at store, district, regional or corporate level as soon as the count begins!  

Key features:
  • Solution-as-a-Service model is non-invasive and requires minimal deployment effort from in-house IT staff. 
  • Limitless flexibility through configurable options on the scanner and the web-consoles
  • Multi-level inventory views with full drill-down capability from real-time reporting
  • Optional count fields: Multiple units of measure, Serial #, Lot, Expiration date and many more
  • Scanning supports real-time or batch data collection
  • Multi-language support 
  • Compatible with all back end, ERP and POS systems

Datascan's software has been developed over many years of field hardened experience. As a result its full range of  features and capabilities have been market driven - by our customers. 

We know that our solution is often used perhaps once or twice a year, often by inexperienced users, and therefore has to be intuitive in use, both in the store and by corporate staff.

We also know that a retailer's inventory is a challenging, mission critical event and that our solution needs to work flawlessly first time, and every time.

It is easy to maintain regulatory compliance with the Datascan solution. Our systems are approved by all major external auditing firms, and Datascan has an annual SSAE 16 Type II Certification completed for SOX compliance.

Data security is paramount and Datascan has architected full redundancy of communications and server hardware with failover to backup systems if disaster were to strike. Datascan employs multiple layers of encryption in both storage and transmission to ensure safekeeping of confidential inventory information. All security is kept up to date through utilizing latest industry standards and best practice methodologies. Data is safe and secure with Datascan.

We understand that no two retailers are the same. That's why Datascan's software is fully configurable both on the scanner used in the store and in the definition of reports and data views through the Web consoles.

The process of change is inevitable and Datascan's solution is built with flexibility in mind allowing you to implement customizations and business rules that support your unique requirements. As your business changes so can we.  

Datascan's intuitive web-based inventory consoles are designed for proficient data collection, effective inventory tracking and centralized management reporting.
The availability of real-time data via metrics driven dashboards and the fully configurable reporting suites provides unparalleled visibilty into how an inventory count is progressing, enabling swift issue resolution.

Post count analysis reporting, incuding audit review and variance analysis can be designed to your specific requirements.

Information is available anytime, anywhere - in real time - giving you full visibilty within your stores and across multiple locations from any PC or mobile device.      

Datascan currently services many large global retailers, each with mutiple locations. Our scalable architecture and data volume throughput capability will keep pace as you grow your business. As all data and software resides on our servers, there is no requirement for investment in PC's, storage or servers by you. Datascan takes care of it!

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