The Datascan Difference
Datascan has transformed from trail-blazing pioneer to respected industry leader in the use of technology in its Self Scanning Solutions and Inventory Consulting Services. 

Today, through its unique Solution-as-a-Service model, Datascan provides a range of industry leading Self-Scan Inventory Data Solutions, all developed with the objective of transforming raw inventory data into valuable, actionable information.


Datascan's Solution-as-a-Service delivery model bundles all necessary hardware and software with unrestricted access to reporting and analytics into a single, straightforward, On-demand rental.

  Model features:
  • Rent what you need, when you need it - On-demand!
  • Retailer specific configuration and personalization
  • Accelerated software features
  • Collaborative functionality
  • Limited set-up and no maintenance requirements
  • Simple pricing model

Self-Scan Inventory Data Solutions:

  • Full wall-to-wall Physical Inventories
  • Cycle Counts
  • Category & Target Counts
  • Store Relocation
  • Transfers between locations
  • Theft and damage counts
  • Warehouse Counts
  • Flexibility in inventory planning and execution
  • Full control over count
  • Knowledgeable staff scanning inventory
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Increased audit efficiency
  • Real time visibility of count progress
  • Fully personalized dashboard, reporting and analytics 
  • Overall inventory cost reductions

Inventory Consulting Services:

Datascan engages with clients in a consultative manner as we do not believe it is sufficient to be simply your "inventory services provider" or your "scanner rental company". 

We are able to add significant value through consulting with clients on:
  • Inventory planning
  • Inventory best practices
  • Audit best practices
  • Report and inventory analysis personalization 
  • Staff training

Differentiation through Constant Innovation:

Datascan owes its reputation for client satisfaction to the dedication and experience of our team and their relationship with our clients. In fact, our history of innovation is directly driven by our close working relationship with clients and has resulted in a number of "firsts":

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